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20 Gifts to Make her Christmas Morning

She swears she's easy to shop for, but you're drawing a blank.

If this sounds familiar, don't worry! Below are twenty affordable gifts that the women in your life will love. Let's get shopping!

(And girls - if your significant other needs a little extra help with their shopping, feel free to forward this list to give them a few hints!)

1. LoveBook

It’s not always easy to put into words exactly why you love somebody. LoveBook lets you create a personalized book with characters that look just like you and fill it with memories and reasons you love someone. The perfect present to tell your significant other how much you care!

2. LoveCoups

LoveCoups are a gift that she’ll use all year long! You can create characters that look like you and your significant other and select the coupons that your lady will love, whether it’s date night on the town or a relaxing night at home.

3. Voluspa Candle

Her face will light up when she opens one of these Voluspa candles! Not only do they smell amazing, but they’ll look great on your coffee table, kitchen counter, or whatever space needs a little sprucing up.

4. Love Your Melon Beanie

Beanie season is officially upon us! A cute beanie can be worn with almost anything, and even better, you can support a great cause when you buy!

5. Personalized Necklace

Jewelry can be difficult to pick out for someone else, but everyone loves a chic, personalized gift. You can get these necklaces customized with the recipient’s name for an accessory she can wear with anything.

6. Slipper Socks

Keep her warm and cozy when it gets chilly outside! A fuzzy pair of slipper socks are the perfect thing to put on after a long day. And if they come in a cute holiday pattern, even better!

7. Night Sky Map

Do you have a special moment that you want her to remember forever? You can get a map printed of the way the night sky looked on any date you like - your anniversary, first kiss, or any other special occasion.

8. Wine Glasses

If she’s a wine-drinker, she can never have too many cute glasses. Be sure to get a multi-pack in case her friends come over for wine night!

9. Bracelet Set

Bracelet sets are a great gift, because she’ll never have to spend time matching up individual bracelets herself. Pick a set that fits her style and personality!

10. Makeup Brushes

If she loves watching YouTube tutorials and shopping for a new palette, she's always looking for nice Makeup brushes to add to her collection.

11. Sherpa Hoodie

Who said you can’t be fashionable and comfortable at the same time?? Sherpa hoodies and jackets are fuzzy, warm, and in-style.

12. Dog Collar and Bracelet

If she loves her dog more than anything else, you can include her furry friend in the gift! These collars come with a matching bracelet for her, so she’ll be the most stylin’ dog-mom on the block.

13. Yoga Mat

Does she like to unwind with yoga? She’ll love a silly yoga mat that will make her smile while she’s stretching. If she likes to reward herself with a post-workout snack, even better.

14. Mug

What’s better after coming inside from the cold than hot cocoa? Get her a cute mug to sip cocoa, tea, coffee, or whatever else she likes. Don’t forget to buy her some hot chocolate mix and marshmallows, too!

15. Planner

Help her stay organized in style! A cute planner will give her a place to write down her meetings, to-do lists and more, and it’ll brighten up her desk.

16. Statement Ring

A silver or gold statement ring will add a little sparkle to any outfit!

17. Blanket

A girl can never have too many blankets. Get something cozy for her to cuddle up with on cold winter nights!

18. Chocolates

If she’s got a sweet tooth, she’ll love getting something yummy for Christmas! Maggie Louise Confections sells chocolates that come in a variety of fun shapes and colors; pick a box that suits her best.

19. Kitchen Towel

If your girl loves baking (or just loves having a cute kitchen), brighten her day with a whimsical kitchen towel! These pun-ny towels will add a little personality to her home and make her giggle each time she reaches for one.

20. Exfoliating Scrub

Harsh winds and hot showers are a recipe for dry skin, so she’ll love receiving products that will keep her skin smooth and hydrated. Start with an exfoliating scrub that will make her skin glow!


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