• sarah farnam

Day in the Life of Luna (The Office Dog)

Meet Luna!

Luna spends so much time in the office that she is an official member of the LoveBook team. We love being greeted by her each morning, and thought we would share what a day in the life of the LoveBook ‘office dog’ looks like.

When Luna arrives with her human - Director of Technology Adam - she’s usually still a little sleepy. She likes to take naps on her bed, located right next to Adam’s keyboard.

When she wakes up for the day, she’s ready to play! She’ll paw at your legs until you get up and run around with her.

When LoveBook has lunch catered in, Luna might get to sit at the counter with the gang. She may even get a nibble from time to time.

She knows exactly where her leash is at, and when she’s ready to go outside, she leads the way to the elevator. She loves going for walks along the river!

If she’s been good all day, Luna might get one of her favorite bones. They’ll keep her occupied until she’s ready for her afternoon nap. It's not easy being the office dog, but Luna handles it paw-fectly!


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