• sarah farnam

'Fall' in Love with These 5 Date Ideas

With the days are getting shorter and the weather cooling down, it may be easy to let the summer heat in your relationship fizzle out. Here are five date ideas to keep the romance alive as we move into autumn!

Comedy show

As summer comes to a close, the weather may no longer permit outdoor-dates. But that doesn’t mean you need to stay cooped up inside the house! Comedy shows are a great way to get out and spend a few hours laughing with your loved one.

Donuts & cider

Embrace the season by enjoying the classic fall snack - donuts and cider! If you’re feeling so inclined, venture into an apple orchard and pick some fresh apples to go with it.


If it’s not too chilly outside, pack up some snacks and head out for a hike! It’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy each other’s company and the fall foliage. Bring a blanket to lay out for a picturesque autumn picnic.

Pumpkin patch

It’s easy to find a pumpkin at a grocery store, but you’ll get a bigger selection (and a more romantic experience!) by heading out to a pumpkin patch. We recommend wearing your coziest flannel and fall boots for this perfect autumn date.

Cozy night in

When the temperature begins to drop, there are nights when you’d rather get cozy on the couch than hit the town. Embrace the cuddle-weather with a night in! Pop some popcorn, put your favorite hot beverage on the stove, and turn on some spooky movies.


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