• sarah farnam

LoveBook Does Oktoberfest

October may be over, but LoveBook sent off the month with a bang. When the LoveBook team stepped off the elevator, they were greeted with a cheerful “Wilkommen” and a variety of Oktoberfest accessories like necklaces, wristbands, and headbands.

Before the activities commenced, we enjoyed an awesome German-style lunch, which included kielbasa and kraut, spaetzle, German potato salad, and more. Everything paired perfectly with a cold Oktoberfest beer or two.

We kicked off the day's events with a loud "Prost!" (Cheers)

Our Oktoberfest activities included bar-style trivia, having team-members eat donuts hanging from strings, seeing who could hold up gallons of cider the longest, and a special trivia session, during which we learned how well the founders know their employees.

At LoveBook, we’re always grateful for opportunities to spend time with our awesome co-workers and get to know everyone a little better. Happy November, everyone!


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