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LoveBook Donates Supplies to Educational Center

Members of the LoveBook team visited the St. Vincent and Sarah Fisher center to donate boxes of school supplies like notebooks, pencils, calculators, folders and more through our Simply Love program.

St. Vincent and Sarah Fisher Center provides support to children and adults in Southeastern Michigan by offering educational programs, basic skill building and learning enhancement. Their programs are designed to build self-sufficiency skills for academic and employment success, personal achievement and dignity.

Beth Kraft, Director of Volunteer/Intern Services at St. Vincent and Sarah Fisher Center, and Rhonda Mason, Customer Relations at LoveBook

Simply Love is a LoveBook initiative designed to spread even more love. A large part of Simply Love is our community outreach program, which encourages the LoveBook team to get involved with local charities and donate time and/or resources. Recently, we have worked with Fleece and Thank You and The Humane Society, and we look forward to working with other amazing organizations soon!

Thank you to the St. Vincent and Sarah Fisher Center for your work in the Detroit-area and for showing us around your facility.


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