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LoveBook's 2020 Resolutions

Updated: Jan 30

2020 is freshly upon us, and so are a slew of resolutions to help us get closer to the best version of ourselves we can be!

The LoveBook office is no different, with many of our team members taking time to think about who they truly want to be and how they want to reach that lofty goal.

Read on to see how we aim to make 2020 the best year that we can!


“My resolution this year is to make those that I love and care about more of a priority than I have, and really make sure they know how much they mean to me as often as possible.”


“While I don't usually make New Year's Resolutions, this year I have resolved to be a bit more like Elsa and will endeavor to "Let It Go".  By that I mean, I am trying not to hold onto anger, resentment and stress. I have learned that keeping these things only hurts and depletes me.  In an effort to help me, my husband has given me a motivational desk calendar. Looking at new ways and advice on how to let these things go is helping me to look at how I am spending my precious energy and whether or not the things I am doing and thinking are serving me.  Here's to a, hopefully, better year filled with better coping and living!”


“I have an ongoing one which is keep in better contact with my friends. Without my wife Andrea, I’d be a hermit”


“A few of mine are to see new places to experience new things and broaden my own point of view; I really want to pick up a new hobby. I’m not sure what that hobby may be yet, but I need to be more active and spend less time on the sofa; And finally, I want to use kinder language with myself, such as building myself up rather than being overly critical and using positive words when talking or even thinking about myself.”


“Mine would be to try and focus more on the positive things in life and less on the negative. I feel it’s too easy to spend more time than necessary focusing on all the things that we’re scared of or worried about. Rather I want to pay more attention to all the great opportunities and people I have in my life that are there to help me past the those darker thoughts.”


Yes! I don’t do hard core resolutions but I do reflect & think of what I want the next year to bring. This year I’m all about challenging my own thinking and digging out of ruts. Operating on auto-pilot serves its purpose but I’m missing out on a lot because of the way I talk to myself. “Argue for your limitations, and sure enough they’re yours.” Richard Bach. I want to live bigger.


“I would definitely like to make more art this year, of all kinds. making pictures, music and prose opens one up in healthy ways and might just amuse somebody else. It is also a helpful counterpoint to the dry and pragmatic things we sometimes have to think about in a business like setting.”


“I want to start volunteering at an equine assisted therapy center. It can help a wide range of people with physical and emotional trauma. And I would like to be a part of helping people work through their issues.”


“I want to eat healthier. After my wife and I recently tried a new diet, I want to continue eating better so I have more energy and just feel better overall.”


“I don't really make any resolutions these days but if I was to make one it would be to carve out more time to be with the ones who make my heart happy (family, friends, etc). Just having a simple coffee or chat means the world to me and can make us feel so much more connected and centered. It seems like these days most of the time we are all so wrapped up in our daily obligations that a simple chat with a loved one does not make it into our calendars as much as it should. The one thing we don't get back is time so taking the time to connect with them (instead of hoping they know how much we want to connect but can't fit it in) is uber important.”


“I want to be more disciplined with cooking and learn to cook more meals and eat at home more often. it’s important to me because I want to eat healthier and be able to cook for others. So really it’s a two-parter because if I plan on cooking from home more often, I need to be more responsible and go to the grocery store and get supplies so I am capable of cooking doing so.”


“I have a few so here we go:

-My first resolution is that I want to paint or draw outside at least once a week. It ensures I make time to get away from the computer screen and into the real world.

-I play piano, or used to, and I'd like to regain some of my finger dexterity. So my second resolution is to use a book of piano exercises designed to strengthen my skills, and finish it all by the end of the year.

-Finally, I want to endeavor to practice yoga at least four days of the week. I just feel better, mentally and physically, when I do that.”


“One of my resolutions is to take more time away from screens (since I tend to spend most of my day staring at one already) and focus on reading more and drawing or painting something once a day.

Another is to be more available to my friends and family, and to spend more time with them instead of allowing myself to get sucked into my phone or computer for hours on end. ”

Kevin C

“I kind of made a resolution to start lifting weights again at least twice a week, to stay in shape. I have my own home gym, which I haven’t put to use lately and want to build back some muscle, and mostly to try to feel healthier and stay that way”


“I’ve resolved to spend more time in nature, and the outdoors in general. This will help me slow down a little bit and find a more relaxed pace in my life than the breakneck speed it has been lately.”


“I’d like to invest more time in new hobbies, as well as stay committed to existing ones this year. For instance, hitting up a Yoga place and taking some classes on a regular basis. I’d also like to set aside more time to practice guitar than I did in previous years.”


“I resolved to cook more homemade dinners through the week. It gives my wife, Bonnie, and I the ability to spend time making dishes together. We have wonderful conversations about our day while preparing our food.”


“My biggest resolution for 2020 is to move back out on my own by the end of Spring and get an apartment closer both to the office and Downtown Rochester.”




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