• sarah farnam

Record-Breakers & Blanket-Makers

Members of the LoveBook team spent an afternoon volunteering at Make a Blanket Day 2019, sponsored by Fleece & Thank You. Our crew - along with over 1,300 other spirited volunteers - made 2,016 blankets, breaking the Guinness World Record for the most no-sew fleece blankets made at one event!

The blazing sun didn’t slow the volunteers down; groups huddled around tables and strategically lined up, cut, and tied colorful pieces of fleece fabric. The LoveBook crew danced and sang along to the music and transformed blanket scraps into statement accessories.

Fleece & Thank You is a Michigan-based organization that allows donors to create fleece blankets and personalized video messages for children in hospitals. Recipients of the blankets may create a video message in return, which is sent to the blanket maker.

The founders of Fleece & Thank You were inspired by the thought of children entering the hospital, being placed in frightening white rooms and feeling immediate defeat in a time when they need comfort, warmth and hope. Their goal is that every child in the hospital will have a blanket when they start treatment.

To learn more about and get involved with Fleece & Thank You, visit


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